Siam Technology College is one of the leading private higher education institutions in Thailand. Siam Technology College aspires to manage education in order to create graduates with both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that incorporate theoretical and practical sections in a variety of areas. By providing academic and professional skills for students to keep up with the pace of rapid changes in the technology industry, the graduates of Siam Technology College leave with desirable features that meet the criteria and standards of the labour market. As they use their wisdom and professional skills, the graduates are able to help the country develop its economic and social sectors.

        As Thailand has been progressing towards becoming an industrialized country, it has continuously been facing hardships due to a shortage of qualified personnel with knowledge and skills. Having realised that Thailand was in dire need of people with industrial skills, Dr. Narong Mongkhonvanit took on the responsibility of resolving this shortage. In 1965 he decided to establish Thailand’s first private vocational institution that could provide industrial skills and named it “Siam Institution of Technology”. Over several decades, as the institution had been driven by extensive vision and determination to move forward, it later changed its name into Siam Technology College (Siam Tech) and added a Commercial Department to its curriculum. From its conception up till now, Siam Technology College has been regarded as one of the leading and qualified vocational institutions in Thailand. Through the growth of its structure as a leading and innovating institute it has shown a solid commitment to contribute back to the Thai society and Thai youth.  


        Year 2005 marked the 40th year anniversary of the institution and the time to make a new step had come. Aiming at advancing into a new level of educational development, Siam Technology College (Siam Tech) decided to establish a new institution called “Siam Technology College”. The College has a firm reputation of providing its students in both undergraduate and graduate school with a combination of theoretical and practical skills to create employees of higher education and qualifications. “Siam Technology College” was founded and started its operation in 2006. It is located on a total surface area of 816.75 square meters that is adjacent to, but clearly separated from Siam Technology College (Siam Tech). The college’s concentration is of the graduates from Siam Technology College (Siam Tech) who want to further their study in bachelor degree.

Siam Technology College first offered bachelor degrees in technology and business administration. All the courses provided by these two faculties were relevant to the courses offered by Siam Technology College (Siam Tech). Later on, it expanded its curriculum by offering a variety of bachelor and master programs in the fields of business, industry, and technology. The college operates on the principles of equality and continuity, focusing on educating students of all educational backgrounds and from all educational institutes.

        “The vision of Siam Technology College is to become a part of gearwheel for Thai business and industry. We are committed to establishing knowledge and practical skills for our students who can fit the requirements of Thai business and industry. We also aim at enabling our students to have analytical skills to see in-depth problems and to have adequate knowledge for coping with social problems,”stated by Mr. Pornphisud Mongkhonvanit, the president of Siam Technology College.
Under the strong leadership of Mr. Pornphisud Mongkhonvanit, the college is not only domestically recognized in the academic community for its great job in producing qualified graduates in a variety of vocational and mechanical areas, but it also enjoys an international reputation for its excellence in technological innovations. As of the present, the college currently has 5,000 enrolled students and is in the process of expanding to full stream of a Thai university that is to be approved by the Ministry of Education by the end of 2016.


Siam Technology College is located on 46 Jaransanitworng Rd, WatThapra, Bangkok Yai District, Bangkok, on the total area of 816.75 square meters. It is very convenient to commute to the college by buses number 42, 57, 68, 80, 81, 91, 108, 146, 175, 189. Once the railway construction of the Blue Line Mass Rapid Transit Train (MRT) which passes the college has come into completion, access and travel to the college will be significantly more convenient and easier.

       Siam Technology College has facilities that are fully equipped with all necessary teaching aid and tools.

  • Administration Building (Building No.9) 
  • Laboratory Building (Building No.2)
  • Exhibition Building (Building No.3)
  • Laboratory Building (Building No.4)
  • Laboratory Building (Building No.5)
  • Cafeteria (Building No.6)
  • Technology Faculty Building (Building No.7)
  • Multipurpose Building (Building No.8)
  •         The administration building (Building No.9) is a 12 story-floored building with a basement for car parking. Classrooms, laboratories, executive management’s offices, and faculty members’ offices are located on the first to twelfth floors. There are big and small auditoriums on the fourth floor, as well as a library on the third floor. Both students and faculty members all have access to varieties of books and teaching materials that are provided in the library.